I Just Wanna Be Happy

Imagine that.. Just being happy.. I guess that for many people it was a long time ago since they had that sensational feeling of being really and truly happy. Do you remember that? That specific feeling? When you were a child and something happened that made you happy, and in that moment nothing else mattered, nothing else bothered you, there were literally no problems or issues in your life. Amazing.

Of course, there will be people arguing and saying that they in fact were happy when they purchased their latest car, or house, or watch, or bike, or sneakers or whatever. But honestly, they are confusing happiness with something else. The same goes for drinking alcohol. I mean, most people can say that they felt really happy when they were out clubbing or drinking with their friends, right? That is always fun. But again, not happiness. This is what we would like to call “fun”. Yes, there is a difference, in the book “Solve for Happy” Go Mawdat explains just this. Being happy is, as he describes it, that state of mind where you like how things are right now.. You would not prefer a change. Whereas when you are having fun, basically, you just shut down your brain and down 5 shots of tequila (not his words, these are mine). What happens is that we think we feel happy, but we are in fact just having fun. So what is happiness then?

According to Go Mawdat, and I could not agree more: “Happiness is equal to, or greater than, the difference between the way you see the events of your life and your expectation of how life should behave.”

And looking at this formula, it kind of makes perfect sense, does it not? Everyone knows that we will not be happy because of money or materialistic things, we will be happy when we live in the present and are grateful for what we have, right now. Not in the past. Not in the future. Right now. And most importantly, feeling that you truly are at peace.

So how do we reach this state of mind? Change. Change in the way you perceive your reality, and only your reality.

Oh, the crazy things we do for happiness.

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