The Power of Social Media

Hola everybody,

Hope you have been walking the crap out of yourself the last couple of days and started to realise how powerful the exercises I wrote about actually are. Maybe you have already achieved one of your goals?

Yesterday I said that when you are walking you should not use your smartphone for anything other than music. As you probably have figured out by now, I usually don’t say anything by coincidence.

Social media… The new “era”… Well, it certainly allow us to make money from our phones and it connect millions of people worldwide from the top of our fingers. But, what are the actual effects? I mean, there must be some negative effects, right? Obviously there are.

An Addiction

Did you know that when you receive likes, for example, your brain release the same substance as when you are doing drugs? When you receive likes on social media the brain releases dopamine, the same substance that is released when you take drugs. Furthermore, it have been found that people tend to have a difficult time to depict between what is real and not. People that may not have many friends in real life see all these pictures of “friends” on social media, start questioning themselves. I don’t blame you I’ve been there, and I guess I still am. And, all these pictures of the “perfect” bodis and “perfect” couples, I mean, they are obviously not real. But again, I guess it may be difficult to determine when to “believe it” and when not to. People start compare and this automatically affects their self-esteem.

SO, my friends, what do we do about this? We distance ourselves from it, as to gain a healthy view of it. I would never suggest that you completely retract from social media, that is virtually impossible today, but rather to realise that there are real world out there.


Back to the previous posts. That is where this “disconnecting hour” becomes important again. During this hour, or two, everyday you are not to use social media. This means that you will not have any external and fictional affects on your mind. You will only think what you want to think about, and this allows you to control your thoughts. Again, social media is not bad, rather the opposite. But, just like everything it is only beneficial in healthy amounts. It is my strongest belief that to distance yourself from Instagram and Twitter, for example, for at least an hour everyday will help you to have a healthy view of it. You should also consider not using your phone and/or computer one hour before bedtime, this will significantly improve your sleep, which is even more important than anything else we have talked about up until this point.

I guess that was a brief outline on why you should at least think of the effects of social media, and to use my tools as a way of gaining perspective. Remember, the relationships you see on social media only depicts the good times, and a very small amount of these times, they do not show the hard times of relationships. Keep that in mind and stay happy. I will most likely get back on this topic later on.

All the best,

Andy K

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