The Power of Physical Activity

So, we finished of the last post with talking a little about how setting goals is a way of achieving what you want in life. And, again, this may come as something obvious for some, but not for the mass: Physical activity!

Physical Activity to Achieve Goals

What strikes me to be one of the most difficult things with this is to actually carry out the goals and start acting according to the goals. I have put pretty much effort and thoughts into this and how you can basically learn to do it. What I found during my “research”, if you want to call it that, is that physical activity can have a tremendous effect on achieving goals. In the last post I used the example of weight loss to illustrate how to set and start acting according to your goals. This was obviously not a coincidence. Why would I suggest that you start with any form of physical activity as your daily routine?

Several studies have been carried out with regards to how physical activity may have a positive effect on psychological illness such as depression and anxiety. And while this may not be the topic of this post I believe that it may have similar effects. There have not been found a specific reason for why physical activity may “cure” certain mental illnesses but arguments have been posed with regards to the bodys endorphins, and in later research it points more towards neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamin.

Moving makes you happy!

Anyhow, we are not getting into a biological study here. But, why I am saying this is because it has an effect on your daily mood. You get happier by moving. And this is key if you want to succeed. You cannot go around being grumpy, sad and/or angry all the time, that way you will only attract grumpy, sad and/or angry scenarios into your life.

Furthermore, I suggested that you walk one hour everyday, even two if possible. This is because you actually get a break. A break from all obligations, stress and you are thereby able to structure your thoughts, while at the same time you will definitely feel a positive increase in your daily mood. While you are walking you should try to not use your smartphone for social media, again, this disrupts your mental activity.

See this hour as a way of disconnecting and use it to structure your thoughts and think about your goals. You can have some music on if you want to, but try to keep it calm and slow as to maintain a “stress-free” hour. Think about the goals you wrote down and think about the possibilities that maybe have revealed themselves for you, without you noticing it. The solution often will appear where you least expect it to.

Do this in the morning, yes, you need to get up an hour earlier, but I can almost 100% assure you that you will have a better day. The first couple of days is a bit though as you need to get used to it, but after that, you cannot live without it. This improves life quality, I know.

Mental training while working out

Think happy thoughts while you walk, I do, I even use my music to convey positive and happy feelings. Find a song that makes you happy and put it on repeat. Sing along, and just don’t mind the other people around you.
I believe that this is a very effective step towards succeeding in your goals. I mean, if you never get a “mental break” your goals will most likely be overthrown by other thoughts that you believe to be more important than your well being. Obviously, paying rent and such is very important but why not do it all? Pay rent, be happy, reach your goals and realising your fullest potential? I think it is stupid not to.

Okay, this became a long post, which I could write about for hours and hours, and page and pages. I hope this may be the starting point for you to start acting according to your goals and to start living a happier and healthier life.

All the best,

Andy K.

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