The Power of a Well Groomed Mind


A well groomed mind.. What is that? In my mind it is when you are clear of what you want and when you do not allow negative thoughts to control you. Everyone have experienced the “hit-the-toe” spiral effect, right? When you hit the toe in the morning and then you continuously keep experiencing negative things throughout the entire day. Well, it kind of boils down to your mindset, sorry to say. Basically, it is your own fault, again, sorry about that.
You see, as you let the negative thoughts take over your mind you unconsciously expect bad things to happen. To avoid this, you better find a way to regain a happy and positive mind. And obviously, AndyK is here to help.

First of all, we have previously talked about evaluate your current situation, formulating and writing down your goals and start acting accordingly by disconnecting for at least one hour everyday. When you stub your toe you will probably get a bit annoyed and it will probably cause your mind to think negative thoughts. So, what do you do? Stop. Sit down. And take three deep breaths. Now, when this is done your toe probably still hurts, but whatever you do, try not to see this as something negative. Just accept the fact that your toe hurts a bit, because you know it will pass. If you didn’t break it, in that case see the emergency room (hehe).

If you think this is silly, fair enough, continue to be angry throughout the day. If you try it, you will see that it works perfectly fine. You can even use music to convey a positive mindset in this scenario. Sit down, breath and put on a happy song. Or if you are in a hurry, this may be what you need. Run out the door, plug in those headphones and join the sweet rhythm my friends. It works. I promise!

Why does not everyone do this, it seems so easy right? I mean, we are not taught to put our own happiness first, which is pretty weird. When something negative happens we tend to endorse the negative aspects of it. This is even more applicable when we talk to others about something that may be of a negative nature. If you listen to peoples response, it is more often than not, in a negative fashion:

– I am so happy right now!

– Why?

I mean, why don’t just say:


Just stay happy guys, it is not difficult. I don’t come from wealth or parents that are over their heads happy or anything like that. This is purely self-taught. I have had my fair share of negative things in my life, believe me, but here I am, happier than ever. And if I can help only one more person to be happy, then I will consider that a success.

See you soon.



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