Five Ways to Get Things Done

I’ve recently been trying to come up with a few simple steps for anyone to use in order to achieve whatever it is they want. Obviously the previous topics I have discussed is of high importance here, however, I believe I have come up with some simple guidelines that anyone easily can follow.

So, here are my five simple tips on how to achieve more in your life, or what I personally like to call it ‘Five Ways to Get Shit Done’:

Get the f*ck off of social media

Yes, I have discussed this topic previously. Social media, if this is not your tool or goal, then stay the f*ck off of it. Like we talked about before, obviously not all the time, that is impossible today. But you need to learn how to control it, minimise the time-loss that comes with scrolling to other “famous” peoples Instafeed and wondering “Why don’t I have all that?”. Every second you are spending drooling over that are seconds lost for your goals and achievements. This does obviously not only apply to social media. This also goes for Netflix and other similar activities. So, rule number one to follow: discipline yourself from your phone, computer and TV, and other activities that is not helping you get closer to your goals.

Time Management

Learn it. This is gold and if you ask any successful person I can almost guarantee that they all practice it, whether consciously or not. Basically, time management is the practice of controlling your own time. It is often used in production, but can easily be applied in your daily life. An easy way of doing it is to try to specify your tasks for the next day when you go to bed. For example, I always make sure that I have time to workout in the morning before work, I know exactly how effective I need to be at work to be able to leave in time, which allows me to know exactly how much time I can spend on other activities after work.

In this case, the other activities are my side businesses. Furthermore, I like to say that time management also comes down to how effective you are in doing your tasks. Here, rule one comes into place, meaning that if you are going to utilize the full potential of the day you cannot sit on Instagram while you try to build a webpage. You have probably seen the quote “You have just as many hours in one day as Beyonce”, this is it my friend. Planning. Executing. Do not waste your time. If you do, you do not want it enough and you will most likely never get it. Simple as that.

Mind your own business

It may sound simple but it really is not, especially not since today you have full on access to everyones life through a click on your phone.

In order for you to be able to mind your own business you need to work on yourself. You need to be able to not care what others think. For example, I paint and it was almost frightening to show them in the beginning. But I started working on my craft and I started to think about this, why should I care what anyone thinks? If I believe it is good, and I have fun doing it, then nothing else matters. You see, happiness is one of the strongest powers in order for you to succeed, in anything. Happiness and hard work. Try to overcome the fear of what other people think and follow through, they always come back afterwards.

Choose your friends

Some believe that we just end up with friends, I beg to differ. Choose your friends, this is a quick way of achieving your goals. Find people that do things better than you and learn from them. If you have problems with planning your day, ask your friends. If they cannot help you, try to find someone who can. Find people who inspire you to do better and that have a similar mindset. I, at least, find it very annoying when you ‘pitch’ an idea to a ‘friend’ and they can only see the problems with it, and not the potential.

There are no ‘perfect’ ideas, all of them obviously need to be sharpened, but that should not stop you. That is what’s fun about it! The tip here is just to start looking, are your friends helping you improve? If not, find more friends for crying out loud! You don’t have to give up the ones you have.

When you get stuck (and you will) zoom out

One of the biggest mistakes people do is to get to zoomed in on the things they do. This can be anything from a school project to a business idea, to relationships. Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to get stuck like that. When you get stuck you zoom out. Stop. And look at the big picture. If you get stuck, it is just you that is missing a piece in the puzzle. Re-read what you’ve read, read new things and discuss with other people. Getting stuck, and not getting out of there, is for narrow-minded people. That is not you, not anymore. You need to be able to shift and adapt to situations in order to succeed, this may be one of the most important of these five simple rules for success.

Many more things can be said about these rules or tips. I will try to elaborate further on. Until then, I wish nothing but happiness and success to you all.


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