An Open Mind – A Highway to Knowledge

We have all heard the saying “knowledge is power”, right? And that makes sense, at least to most of us. But, I wanted to break it down to understand why and how this works.

Knowing more than anyone else is not necessarily power. Why? Because in order to leverage your knowledge you must be able to understand other people and their way of reasoning. I don’t know about you guys, but from time to time, I most certainly make a bowl of popcorn and reads people arguing in Facebook comments. Because this is seriously the funniest thing in the world.

Reading all these comments are basically a reflection of what society has become. And that is kind of worrying. You see, people are no longer able to understand an argument from someone else and as the mentality “empower yourself” or whatever people want to call it, this will not stop. People set their mind to an idea or understanding of something, and they won’t listen to anything else.

This is something that can be seen everywhere and not only on social media.

So, in order for people to utilize their power of knowledge they must first understand and being receptive towards what other people say, think and believe. Then, and only then, will you be able to fully use your knowledge. Just because you think you are right, it does not mean that you are. And people have a really hard time understanding this.

Seeing things from a new perspective, or other peoples perspective not only provides you with more insights into the given issue but it provides you with even more knowledge. This is why school is actually important, not necessarily what you learn but developing your way of thinking and analyzing a problem. Recently I have seen several rants online by “gurus” and “entrepreneurs” that says that university is useless and a scam. I honestly do not believe so. What you learn during those years is very valuable and if you are open to what you are taught, you may very well increase your potential tenfold.

So, “knowledge is power”… If, you understand what knowledge is and if you understand other people’s knowledge. In your next argument, think of this short little “inspirational text” and instead of locking down in defence mode, try to understand how the other person reasons and why. Try to see the problem from a new light, add the new angle to your own and re-evaluate.



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