Abundance – Having everything you want

The last couple of years more focus have been put on abundance in life. But what is abundance? It took me quite som time to figure it out.

The definition of abundance is “a very large quantity of something”. So how can we apply abundance to our own life?

Abundance can be for example love, money or happiness. It can be basically anything, and more importantly anything you want it to be.

Many obviously seek abundance in money, however, recently I have come to believe that while abundance in money is a good thing, it is more important how you earn that money. Instead of working your a$$ off maybe 80 hours plus a week, being half satisfied, why not find something that you actually are happy with?

Take me for an example. I would definitely “sacrifice” a part of my paycheck in order to be self-employed. Instead of waking up to the annoying sound of my alarm every morning I want to sleep until I wake up by myself and then start working. And, when you do what you love and/or are happy with you will automatically become better at it. This makes sense as you have a genuine interest in it and that you of course want your business to grow. This may not be the case if you are employed.

Abundance can be anything you want. But I genuinely believe that having abundance in happiness and fulfilment outweighs money. And if you have abundance in happiness and fulfilment, the money will come. Focus on your end goal and the rewards, and your work will not be so hard.

Focus, consistency and happiness is the key to abundance.


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