3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

It has been a couple of hectic weeks with both planning for the site and moving. But I’m back in business.

I wanted to talk shortly about three simple ways for you to improve your life. Recently I have been thinking quite a lot, working a lot and trying to improve my life in different ways. And I kind of figured out some simple things that you can apply which makes a lot of things much easier.

So, diving straight into it.

1. Find something your enjoy doing

A hobby maybe. Your job should of course be something that you enjoy doing, but it is often based on other people’s ideas and way of doing things. Therefore, finding something that you can do in your spare time that makes time stand still will definitely help improve your overall life.

2. Take time for yourself

We all go through different phases in life, which can be very stressful and difficult to cope with. In times like that, it is even more important to take time for yourself. My recipe to stay on top of it all and always being able to perform and utilize my fullest potential, is to take time off.

An easy way of doing it is to take one day every other week (e.g. week 2 and week 4), during a rough period and sleep without waking up to an alarm. Allow yourself that. Usually, my week starts at 05.45 am monday morning and end at about 11 pm Sunday evening, non stop. Therefore, my mind and body requires some down time. And more specifically, sleep. Stay away from alcohol and junk food and try to exercise. It may sound easy for some, and difficult for some. But this definitely helps. No doubt. And this is of course also applicable in your day-to-day life.

3. Meditate

The third thing is related to the previous section. Try to meditate. It has been revealed that almost all successful people meditate daily. For example, I read this article about one of the most successful CEO’s, which gets out of bed one to two hours earlier in the morning so that it allows him to have time for himself. Working out, drinking a cup of coffee, structuring his thought and meditate. Meditation does not necessarily need to be done by sitting down in front of a candle and thinking about nothing. You can meditate while doing a lot of things. I usually meditate when I work out. However, it works best with low-intensity training, for example power walking.

Try to take time for yourself.


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